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Air Conditioning: How does it work?

Air conditioning not only provides a comfortable environment but also helps to prevent driver fatigue. Not only necessary during the few scorching days of British summer a healthy air conditioner can help to defrost your windows all winter long. During normal vehicle operation, a significant amount of heat is created by the engine and exterior factors such as the road and sun. Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is responsible for cooling, purifying, and circulating air. A modern air conditioning system functions by utilizing a gas compressor in the engine bay to circulate refrigerant gas vapour along with compressor lubricant oil. The compressed vapour is condensed into a liquid which flows through a thermal expansion valve where it is met with a sudden reduction of pressure. This causes the flash evaporation that lowers its temperature. This, in turn, allows the cold refrigerant to be routed through the evaporator coil and into the passenger compartment.

How do I know that my air conditioner needs servicing?

If the air isn't as cool as it used to be, this can be a sign that you may need your refrigerant to be topped off. Doing this on your own isn't recommended as without the proper gauges there is no way to see how full the system really is. In order for your air conditioner to operate at its full potential, the system needs to be airtight. Over time, leaks can develop and if left unattended, your refrigerant will leak out. A weak airflow suggests that air is having difficulty reaching your vents. This can be due to a loose blower hose, a fried ventilation fan or even a build-up of mould and mildew in the evaporator core. Stains or puddles of water beneath your dashboard can indicate a clogged drain hose.

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As air conditioning is not covered during an MOT, it may be something you've overlooked. Many manufacturers suggest a service every two years, whether you frequently rely on it not, as refrigerant can be lost through permeation at a rate of about 10% every year. Let us help make your car the coolest around and book now.

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