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Car Care

Looking after your car can save you money and nothing shows this better than regular services. Getting your car serviced regularly and finding problems before they can become issues. Get your car serviced regularly doesn’t just help avoid big problems from developing but also increases the efficiency of your car in its day to day use, meaning that you save money on every trip that you make. The most important tool in helping you know what your car needs and when is your car’s service manual this can give you an idea of when key services are needed and when replaceable parts need to be changed. If you are not sure about any parts that might need replacing soon then you can mention to our engineers before your service. If you would like to book in your service you can call us directly or use our online booking tool to book an appointment today.

Cartopia | GDK’s High quality Servicing Plans

There are three different services available Interim, Full and Major. The Interim Service as a rule of thumb should be done twice a year if you a mileage of around 25,000 a year, this service covers 25 items including oil change, main moving parts and brake fluid. We then have the Full Service which is recommended every year or every 12,000, this consists of a wider range of checks. And finally the major service, which is basically an overall check of every aspect of your vehicle and consists of the most checks, refills and replacements.

Why get a service?

Servicing your car regularly can not only make sure your car is road safe and running correctly but can also save you money. A lot of checks in our services are designed to catch problems before they happen. We will let you know if we catch any possible issues so you can get them fixed before they fail and are a lot cheaper to fix. The best advice can be found in your cars manual and it will let you know of key milestones that your car should get important services done. The rule of thumb is to get a full service every year, and interim service once every 6 months and a major service at major milestones. If you are in need of a service you can use our online booking tool or call us directly for a quote.

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